4th of July Road Trip - Valley of the Fire Nevada USA

Happy 4th of July, today I am taking you on a special road trip to one of the most magical places in America. An arid landscape that was covered with life and history way before Europeans arrived in this neck of the woods.

The Valley of the Fire is a state park located in the state of Nevada, USA about 1 hour drive northeast of Las Vegas. Truly stunning, the park is know for its red sandstone mountain formations, which contrast against the stunning and even more dominant white limestone mountains. 
The landscape is completely dry and it is hard to imagine that any culture was able to survive in the area. But proof is in the pudding and basically everywhere. Check out the video slide below for some beautiful images that I captured while visiting this unforgettable place.

Preservation is a must so other generations can enjoy and witness the wonders of this place.

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