Mommin' It Mondays with Litecoin Lisa & Mammycrypto - Episode 2

Hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend. For me one of the highlights of my holiday was streaming the second episode of Mommin' it Mondays with Litecoin Lisa.

We had fun discussing the Atari and Litecoin partnership and reminiscing on the good old days when Atari first launched. We talked about games, our personal experience with the gaming console and how the gaming industry has changed over the course of time. As mom's we also touch base on topics that addresses the complexity of the gaming industry today and some concerns that we have as parents.
We also go a little off topic and discuss some current events such as the recent Brazilian travel ban, our personal concerns about the pandemic and our future. It is always great to touch base with my friend Lisa and have a nice chat.
Celebrating Litecoin achievements is a must... After all we are proud to be part of the Litecoin DECENTRALIZED Family!
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Special Moment - Litecoin Summit 2019 - Thank you for the love

I wanted to embed this tweet here because it is truly so special to me.  At the Litcoin Summit, I was not able to make to stage among many other incredible volunteers.  Many of us could not make it for one reason or another for this fantastic final picture.

And even tough the Litecoin Foundation Graphic Design promised to include few heads in there with his photoshop powers! John Kim just topped it all off with this incredible video that completely surprised me and brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Completely unexpected my friend! So sweet.

All I can say is THANK YOU Litecoin Foundation and Litecoin Family. It was a pleasure giving a hand with this event and to support Litecoin when possible. I recognize that we are all working with the same objective in mind and that is the proliferation and the health of the LTC network. 

The Foundation does an excellent job creating awareness and opportunities for growth and development. Litecoin is a very powerful tool for the people and ran by the people who use it. It is truly a pleasure to contribute somehow to the Litecoin Foundation, which strives to support a network that I admire a lot.

 I thank you for taking me, but also for embracing any other person who enjoys LTC and has the willingness to help. I think that is awesome. Let's Rock!

Michelle M.


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