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Truly excited about the Crypto Seed Card campaign launched by A decentralized marketing effort. For anyone doing these cards on a crafty, low budget style like me here is easy print out of my favorite seed card created by @RedKatLife . This great design combines Bitcoin and Litecoin QR codes into one simple card. Spreading them around = spreading knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. 

The campaign is simple: Print seed cards, spread them around as you go, and check out the interactive map from time to see to see if your seed has sprouted. While banks and centralized institutions market debt we are here marketing a decentralized solution to it. Also, has a variety of seed cards available. You will probably find your favorite Alt-coin and if not you can have fun creating an especial design and submitting it the site just like @RedKatLife  created this one below. 

And @JessMikeTrick also created many more that you can also find in his site

Viva Brasil! Viva Litecoin! Welcome to California John Kim

This weekend was certainly full of fun and inspiration. Between celebrating my birthday with my family I was also invited (or better we were all invited 😃) for a special last minute Litecoin meet-up organized by Wendy0 celebrating John Kim's arrival in LA. And yes wherever the Litecoin Evangelist goes we want to make sure that he is feeling warm and welcome. He truly does so much for the Litecoin community and simply inspirational. All I can say is the passion is REAL. Here are some of our best moments... and yes watch the video and take his advice! Follow me on Twitter for more adventures to come cause just like the market... I am just warming up! Love you for being here.

Este fim de semana foi certamente repleto de diversão e inspiração. Entre comemorar meu aniversário com minha família, eu também para um encontro especial de última hora Litecoin celebrando a chegada de John Kim em Los Angeles. Pois, onde quer que o Evangelista da Litecoin vai, nos queremos ter certeza de que ele está se sentindo acolhido e bem vindo. Ele realmente faz muito pela comunidade Litecoin e é simplesmente inspirador. Tudo o que posso dizer é que a paixão é REAL. Aqui estão alguns dos nossos melhores momentos ... Assista ao vídeo e siga seu conselho! Siga-me no Twitter para mais aventuras que estão por vir. Porque assim como o mercado ... Eu estou apenas esquentando! Te amo por estar aqui participando e dividindo isso tudo.

Special LTC cookies were so yummy and courtesy of @cryptobaker

By: Mamaecrypto


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