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Hope you had a wonderful Thanks Giving holiday, as many of us in the USA stopped for a moment to be thankful for all the blessings we still have. As a family, I would say that crypto in general has been a blessing and does give us hope for a better future. This holiday week, the crypto markets have experienced a strong correction with Bitcoin and most alt-coins taking a much-anticipated dip. A correction that many traders and chart analysts were expecting, but one that I believe was driven by some unexpected news that came out this week. The articles below are handpicked for you, one article to read for each day of the week. They will help you understand the environment we are in and some of the catalyst topics that are certainly contributing to the market movement. Check out the Major headlines in the quick 3-minute video below. Also, access each article provided in the video with the links below. I certainly recommend the read. Sunday, Nov 22nd 2020:   Ethereum 2.0 to boost DeFi but

Bora trocar moedas de Airdrop! Let's exchange some Airdrop coins!

Se você segue meu blog, você sabe que ao longo de 2 anos eu tenho participado de muitos airdrops e bounties, ou melhor campanhas de recompensas que pagam em cripto moedas. Minha esperança era adquirir algumas moedas de criptografia que eventualmente se tornariam mais populares e, ao longo de dois anos, adquiri muitas delas, mais de 200.

O ano de 2018 foi certamente desanimador, pois vimos o fracasso de muitos projetos, mas em 2019 as perspectivas parecem bem diferentes. Muitos projetos sobreviveram ao mercado de urso e estão finalmente ganhando alguma tração. Na minha opinião, agora é hora de preparar os tokens (moedas) para a ação.

Eu certamente quero me preparar e vender algumas das alt-coins que fui adquirindo.  Neste vídeo eu usarei a troca da Kucoin exchange para mostrar todo o processo de transferência de uma airdrops token para efetuar uma venda. Espero que você goste da minha visão simples sobre negociação neste vídeo. 

Agradeço se você usar minha link de referencia para o cadastro na Kucoin:  https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=PsP7M3

If you follow my blog you guys know that over the course of 2 years I have been participating in many airdrops and bounty programs. My hope was to acquire few crypto currencies that will eventually become more popular and over the course of 2 years I acquired a lot of them, over 200. 

The year of 2018 was certainly discouraging as we saw the failure of many projects, but in 2019 the prospects are looking quite different. Many projects survived the bear market and are finally gaining some traction so now it is time to prepare those tokens for action. 

I certainly want to prep myself and sell some of the alt-coins in my bag so in this video I will use Kucoin exchange to showcase the whole process of transferring and setting an airdrop token for future sale. Hope you enjoy my simple take on trading on this video. (In Portuguese with English subtitles will record an English version soon)

Truly appreciate when you use my reference link to sign up on Kucoin: Kucoin:  https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=PsP7M3

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