Airdrop 300 Rewards Points Tradable for TRON (TRX) by Official TronLink Wallet

1 Million Tron Tokens Will be Distributed with this AirdropTronLink Wallet, the official wallet of Tron eccosystem is offering a 300 rewards points redeemable in Tron(TRX). This giveaway bonus is offered to anyone who downloads the wallet and using a referral code. Upon signing up users also receive a referral code that can be used to gain even more Tron credits! 300 Extra points tradable for TRX and other cryptocurrencies for each additional referral. Super cool! Signup referrallink: Ps: 300 bonus isclaimedonthemesectionoftheapp-clickinvitefriends-thenClaimbonus
You will also receive 300 points for each referral.
After the airdrop event is completed, you can redeem points in TRX or also trade it for other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and others
Thank you for stopping by and do not forget to read all the additional details about this airdrop on the Tronlink Wallet Official Page. 
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Earn by Coinbase: It pays to learn about Crypto currencies

Looking into learning about crypto currencies? Now you can learn and earn at the same time! Coinbase, the most popular crypto Exchange in the US, has recently upgraded its EARN platform to feature an educational program that rewards crypto currencies for learning. 

According to Coinbase EARN enables users to discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and get a bit of each currency to try out for yourself. Right now Earn is offering educational courses for Stellar (XLM), ZCash (ZEC), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and 0x (ZRX). Over time they plan to add more cryptocurrencies.

How to Join EARN

The program was launched in Dec 2018 but was accessible by invitation only. This week the program finally opened a referral program that allows for general applications. If you are looking into signing up you can use my referral link HERE

Once sign up is completed, the educational and earning process begins. The Earn platform offers short courses and videos, followed up by quizzes or tasks that rewards the users for learning. Below are few examples of the tasks EARN has currently available.

Start with the first course HERE. Following your first short course, make sure to sign up for the waitlist as you move along in the list. Because of the popularity of the site tasks are being open to each user in the order they are received and there is a waitlist process after you complete the first Stellar $50 Task

Other Perks of the EARN Platform

While Earn education program is fairly new, the platform was acquired by Coinbase in April 2018. Since then EARN has been rewarding BITCOIN  a variety of tasks. Paid emails, Airdrops, Bounties, Surveys are some of the ways users can EARN Bitcoin on a daily basis when using the platform. 

Instant Results with EARN

With Earn you can expect instant results. Once a task is completed payment is processed instantly and crypto can be withdrawn from the platform at any point. Here are few screen shots of my account as I move along thru my first Stellar task. I also showcase my app earnings from Emails and other tasks that I find in the EARN app. 

For additional information about the EARN program watch Coinbase Video below

Final Note

If you are curious about alt-coins there is no better was to learn. Not only you will be getting informational material from a trusted source but also earn your favorite crypto currencies.I am personally doing so in the bear market so I do not miss the opportunity to take those earning to the MOON with me!

Start out by completing your first Stellar task today following my referral Link. Your support is truly appreciated and helps with our future content.



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