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Stopping by today to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I thank you for being part of my crypto journey and with that being part of crypto family. Wish you all the best!

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Airdrop - Amplify (AMPX)

Amplify Exchange (AMPX)

(English translation below)
1. Pré registrar no site da Amplify 
2. Compartilhar referência (opcional + 100 AMPX)

Valor estimado: 500 MTP Valor estimado $50.00 Dólares

Airdrop Termina:  quando cota de 50000 participantes esgotar


Se você gostaria de aprender mais sobre Airdrops assista esse vídeo abaixo:

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English Translation: 

Amplify Exchange (AMPX)

1. Pre-register on the Amplify web site
2. Share reference (Optional + 100 AMPX)

Estimated value:  500 AMPX Estimated value $50.00 dollars

Airdrop Ends: 50000 spots

If you would like to learn more about Airdrops watch this video

For a list of exchanges where you can exchange the coins you received from airdrops see this page

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