Crypto Accepted Here - Bumper stickers

If you own a shop, office or work off your vehicle... Now is a good time to let your costumers know that you accept cryptocurrencies with this cool selection of Crypto Accepted Here Bumper Stickers. Perfect for the window, check out area or your automobile these stickers will certainly send the right message.

For now, I created the bumper stickers for 4 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Doge. I used Canva and official cryptocurrency logos under public domain license. Over the next few weeks I will be designing more alt-coins bumper stickers and continue to add to the collection. Hope you enjoy and join the Crypto Mass Adoption movement by accepting cryptocurrencies in your establishment.
Available Now Size: 3"x11" Price: $4.75 

If you wondering how to accept cryptocurrencies in your business, here is a good article from explaining few of the best methods: How to Accept Bitcoins in my Store

Once set up do not forget to let everybody know that your …

Airdrop - Windhan Energy (WHN)

Windhan Energy (WHN)

(English translation below)
1. Começar a bot telegram da Windhan Energy
2. Completar as tarefas ( telegram, twitter e outras)
3. Cadastrar no site da Windhan Energy
4. Compartilhar sua link the referência (opcional + 5 WHN)

Valor estimado: 100 WHN tokens  valor estimado: $111 dólares

Airdrop Termina: 05 de abril 2019 (cota pode acabar antes)


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English Translation: 

Windhan Energy (WHN)

1. Start the Windhan EnergyTelegram bot 
2. Register in the Windhan web site
3. Complete Tasks (Telegram, twitter and others)
4. Share your link the reference (optional + 5 WHN)

Estimated value:  100 WHN Estimated value $111 Dollars

Airdrop Ends:  April 5th 2019 (airdrop may fill up sooner)

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