The Simpsons Cryptocurrency Episode - "Frinkcoin"

Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular than ever. Recently Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin symbols have been spotted in The Simpsons latest episode titled "Frinkcoin".  Frinkcoin is the 675Th episode of American animated sitcom which aired on FOX Channel February 23rd 2020. The plot of the comedy evolved around the development, adoption and the demise of Frinkcoin cryptocurrency. The show brought the subject matter to a wide audience and is quite educative about blockchain. In a very funny way of course.

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Many crypto advocates highlighted the episode on Twitter in celebration. Despite Litecoin being hilariously featured in an anti-blockchain formula; Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin, was one of the first to tweet his excitement about the mention. 

Also on Twitter, @TheSimpsons account is having fun with the audience and the crypto community by running an asset pool. "Which one would you invest in?" With FrinkCoin taking the lead agains gold, renmin…

A evolução do famoso dinheiro - Nosso dimdim

Momento de reflexão sobre also que usamos para tudo, todos os dias...o nosso famoso dinheiro. Nesse vídeo conto a história do dinheiro de uma maneira simples e reflectiva.

E você, acredita que as cripto moedas são apenas uma evolução natural do dinheiro? Deixe um comentário. Vou adorar saber sua opinião.

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