4th of July Road Trip - Valley of the Fire Nevada USA

Happy 4th of July, today I am taking you on a special road trip to one of the most magical places in America. An arid landscape that was covered with life and history way before Europeans arrived in this neck of the woods.

The Valley of the Fire is a state park located in the state of Nevada, USA about 1 hour drive northeast of Las Vegas. Truly stunning, the park is know for its red sandstone mountain formations, which contrast against the stunning and even more dominant white limestone mountains. 
The landscape is completely dry and it is hard to imagine that any culture was able to survive in the area. But proof is in the pudding and basically everywhere. Check out the video slide below for some beautiful images that I captured while visiting this unforgettable place.

Preservation is a must so other generations can enjoy and witness the wonders of this place.

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Comerciais da Litecoin continuam estimulando adoção em massa de uma forma criativa

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A mensagem #PayWithLitecoin está cada vez mais popular entre os entusiastas e investidores de cripto moedas. Recentemente o nível de publicidade da cripto moeda Litecoin aumentou devido aos esforços dos voluntários da fundação da Litecoin. Os comerciais criados pelos produtor @CommonEnemy é um exemplo dessa grande ação. Esses vídeos se tornaram virais e com tanta criatividade conseguiu atingir uma grande audiência e continuam popularizando o nome da moeda.

Como uma das voluntárias da Litecoin Foundation me sinto honrada de traduzir para português a mensagem desses comerciais, para vocês.

The #PayWithLitecoin message is increasingly popular among crypto currency enthusiasts and investors. Recently the level of advertising for Litecoin's crypto coin has increased due to the efforts of Litecoin Foundation volunteers. The commercials created by the producer @CommonEnemy is an example of this great action. These videos have become viral and with so much creativity managed to reach a large audience and continue to popularize the name of the currency.

As one of Litecoin Foundation volunteers, I feel honored to translate the message of these commercials into Portuguese so it can reach other demographics. Hope volunteers ambassadors for different languages feel compelled to do the same. 

1. Litecoin - "America's Debt"

Bad news
Péssima notícia

America’s debt is now $22 trillion dollars
A dívida da América é de US $ 22 trilhões de dólares

That’s a lot os zeros
São muito zeros…

And when the bubbles pops
e quando a bolha estourar

It won’t be you who gets a bail out
Não será você quem recebe uma fiança

It is time to take control of your money
É hora de tomar o controle do seu dinheiro

It is time to be your own bank
É hora de ser seu próprio banco

It is time to pay with Litecoin
É hora de pagar com Litecoin

2. Litecoin - "Easy Payments"

Pop quiz
Pergunta relâmpago

How easy it is to pay with Litecoin?
Como é fácil pagar com o Litecoin?

Oh yeah
Oh Sim

It is that easy!
É tão fácil

It is time to take control of your money
É hora de tomar o controle do seu dinheiro

It is time to be your own bank
É hora de ser seu próprio banco

It is time to pay with Litecoin
É hora de pagar com Litecoin

3. "Pay with Litecoin"

For decades banks have been getting away with it
Por décadas, os bancos vem se safando

Charging excess fees
Cobrando de taxas em excesso

Keeping billions of dollars of your interest
Mantendo bilhões de dólares do seus juros

That's not right
Isso não está certo

Show them who is the boss of your money
Mostre a eles quem é o chefe do seu dinheiro


Mensagem principal: Pay with Litecoin = Pague usando Litecoin

Obrigada, Mamãecrypto @Miximports


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