My art recorded on the blockchain - The Multicultural Dance

I still remember the day I received the assignment for this project, over 15 years ago. The teacher asked me and all the students in my class to create an artist reproduction and adapt it. I choose "The Dance" by Henry Matisse, and adapted it with my multicultural perspective. A world in which we are all connected by the power of love and acceptance in a multicultural dance.
Early this year, on a trip to Brazil, I decided to photograph this oil painting and record it on the Creary blockchain among other pieces I created over the years. You can find my Art recorded on blockchain here.
To me there was nothing too special about this piece. The Multicultural dance was just a piece I painted during my art course... Until this moment, where my view of the world looks off, and we can not hold hands anymore.  A world in which borders are being shut and fear is growing among its population.  Now I realized the importance of this painting and how it is important to showcase how I percei…

Happy Thanks Giving - Feliz dia de Ação de Graças

Apesar da baixa do mercado de cripto moedas não pode deixar de agradecer. Desejo a todos vocês um dia de ação de graças cheio de amor entre amigos e familiares. Por aqui inverno chegando... Sempre na esperança de logo logo os ursos irem hibernar! Se Deus quiser logo chega a hora deles irem tomar um cochilo. 

Despite the MEGA low in the crypto currencies market we cannot forget to be thankful. I wish you a thanks giving day full of love, surrounded by friends and family. The winter is coming ... Always in the hope that soon the bears will hibernate! God willing, it is about time for them to take a nap.