Celebrating 1 month on LRBY Platform - 100 Verified followers

I recorded this video recently simply to thank the LBRY Community for the amazing support that I received in my first month building my channel! Joining the LBRY community has proved to be a great choice because of your support. And I cannot wait to continue to grow together.

Thank you for the Follow! Love, Mammycrypto.
To learn more details on how to get started on LBRY and start earning LBC rewards I recommend watching this tutorial:

Also if are looking into joining the LRBY platform make sure to sign up for the LBRY platform using my invite link https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@mammycrypto:c.  Know that by doing so you are supporting this channel with few LBC tokens at no cost to you. You will also receive a LBC bonus that you otherwise wouldn't if you sign up without an invite link.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Bounty Distribuição - Sobit (SBT)

Sobit (SBT)
Post Atualização 

Para quem participou do Bounty da Sobit pelo site da Bountysuite favor ler essas instruções. 

O bounty foi finalizado e o projeto já está se organizando para começar a distribuição das moedas SBT. Para receber a moedas é necessário fazer o cadastro na Plataforma da Sobit Exchange usando a mesma conta de e-mail registrada no site da Bountysuite. Uma vez que a distribuição acontecer as moedas serão recebidas na sua carteira SBT na plataforma da Sobit. Programa de refêrencia continua. 

Passos para receber o Bounty SBT. 
Apenas para participantes. Bounty Concluído. 
1. Copiar esse código mpAOIRq
2. Cadastrar na plataforma da Sobit usando o código na area (Referral Referencia)  
3. Verificar seu email e fazer log in
4. Usar link de referencia (Opcional + 0.75 SBT)

Sobit (SBT)
Distribution Update
For those who participated in the Sobit Bounty through the Bountysuite website please read these instructions.
The bounty has been finalized and the project is already being organized to begin distributing the SBT coins. To receive the coins you need to register on the Sobit Exchange Platform using the same e-mail account registered on the Bountysuite website. Once the distribution happens the coins will be received in your SBT portfolio on the Sobit platform. Program of continuous reference.

Steps to receive the SBT Bounty.
For participants only, bounty has been finalized.
1. Copy this mpAOIRq code
2. Register on the Sobit platform using the code in the area (Referral Reference)
3. Check your email and log in
4. Use reference link (Optional + 0.75 SBT)


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