Is the Litecoin Mining Community ready to fund Litecoin Further development?

This morning of January 25th 2020, Charlie Lee creator of Litecoin raised a very interesting proposition on Twitter. One that evolves around funding. Talking about money is often a polemic topic and as expected he immediately received a lot of feedback from the community. And that's probably what he was hoping for. 

  On the Tweet he opens up a topic that focuses on Litecoin further development, but most importantly how to acquire the funds that will guarantee sustainability of Litecoin Foundation and its project creators. Projects and proposals that are aimed to enhance and create new  protocols, side chains and solutions that are often fit for Litecoin and Bitcoin. In addition, similar to other cryptocurrency projects Litecoin needs to enhance its marketing strategies in a competitive fashion to boost the mass adoption movement around the world. In order to that the Foundation needs funding, money that will be used as Charlie suggested, for public good. 

  Let's take a peak i…

Airdrop - XDAC (XDAC)


(English translation below)
1. Cadastrar no Site da XDAC
2. Verificar Email voltar para o site e ir para Bounty
3. Preencher formulário do Airdrop Para cada tarefa
4. Varias tarefas disponíveis, e podem ser completadas mais de uma vez (telegram / Twitter, you tube, artigo etc)
5. Compartilhar referência (opcional)

Valor estimado: Vai depender de quantas e quais tarefas completar

Airdrop Termina: 3 de Outubro ou até cota esgotar

Se você gostaria de aprender mais sobre Airdrops assista esse vídeo

Para uma lista de exchanges aonde você pode trocar as moedas que você recebeu de airdrops veja essa página

Voltar para Página de Airdrops e completar mais

Abaixo você também encontra um vídeo de como participar do airdrop original da SID

English Translation: 


1. Register on XDAC Site
2. Verify email e go back site and head to Bounties
3. Complete the airdrop form for every task you complete
4. Many tasks available and can be completed more than once (Twitter, facebook, video, article and more)
5. Share your link the reference (optional)

Estimated value:  It will de pend on how many tasks you perform

Airdrop Ends: October 3rd 2018 (Cota could deplete much sooner)

If you would like to learn more about Airdrops watch this video

For a list of exchanges where you can exchange the coins you received from airdrops see this page

Back to Airdrop Page & complete more


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