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Stopping by today to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I thank you for being part of my crypto journey and with that being part of crypto family. Wish you all the best!

Love, MamaeCrypto

Airdrop - Global Advertising Coin (GLAD)

Global Advertising Coin (GLAD)

(English translation below)
1. Cadastrar na página de airdrop da GLAD
2. Entrar Email
3. completar tarefas (telegram / Twitter)
4. Compartilhar referência (opciona +15 GLAD)

Valor estimado: 8 GLAD equivalente há $9 Dólares

Airdrop Termina: 2 de Setembro de 2018 (cota pode esgotar antes)

Se você gostaria de aprender mais sobre Airdrops assista esse vídeo

Para uma lista de exchanges aonde você pode trocar as moedas que você recebeu de airdrops veja essa página

Voltar para Página de Airdrops e completar mais

English Translation: 

Global Advertising Coin (GLAD)

1. Register to the GLAD airdrop page
2. Enter ETH address
3. Complete tasks (telegram/twitter/ reddit)
4. Share your link the reference (optional + 15 GLAD)
5. Open an account with Ruby-X exchange where you will receive airdrop tokens

Estimated value:  85 GLAD equivalent to $9 Dollars

Airdrop Ends: September 2nd, 2018 (quota may run out before)

If you would like to learn more about Airdrops watch this video

For a list of exchanges where you can exchange the coins you received from airdrops see this page

Back to Airdrop Page & complete more


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