Verasity Is The Best Attention-Based Video Rewards Model

By: Scott Cunningham Verasity builds the infrastructure and tools for video publishers to serve rewarded video and loyalty programs to their viewers. Basically, you can earn VRA for watching what you already watch, like how Brave monetizes attention for its users.
Essentially from what I’ve gathered, it’s like Brave, but for videos. Also, it can work on Brave so you can earn BAT and VRA at the same time for anyone who is working with them. Anyone can apply if they publish on many sites like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and more. I hope to see it expand to work with other alternative platforms like BitChute, Minds, BitTube, LBRY, etc. It works on top of any of these videos and just adds a simple little trophy icon that will turn green when you are done allowing you to earn VRA. I think this is great for users and creators because you can buy a large amount and run a campaign to incentivize full play-through and encourage more viewers to watch and be rewarded for their time at a low cost to…

Airdrop - Ever Life (EVER)

Ever Life (EVER)

(English translation below)
1. Começar a telegram bot da EverLife
2. Passar verificação 
3. Completar Tarefas Clicar /help ( Twitter)
4. Entrar e endereço carteira Stellar XLM
5. Compartilhar referência (opcional + 5 EVER)

Valor estimado: 220 EVER máximo depende das tarefas que completar Valor estimado $22 Dólares

Airdrop Termina:  1 de Setembro mas cota pode esgotar antes


Se você gostaria de aprender mais sobre Airdrops assista esse vídeo

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Abaixo você também encontra um vídeo de como participar do airdrop original da SID

English Translation: 

Ever Life (EVER)

1. Start the Ever Life Telegram Bot
2. Pass the human verification test
3. Complete Tasks click /HELP (Twitter)
3. Enter your Stellar XLM wallet Address
4. Share your link the reference (optional + 5 EVER)

Estimated value:  220 EVER Maximum and it will depend on how many tasks completed. estimated value $22 dollars

Airdrop Ends: September 1st 2018 (limit could deplete much sooner)

If you would like to learn more about Airdrops watch this video

For a list of exchanges where you can exchange the coins you received from airdrops see this page

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