How to Tip with Brave Browser BAT Tokens

The first week of the month is always an exciting one for Brave Browser regular users. Seeing the Bat tokens arrive monthly into our wallets is a great feeling. And I  like to celebrate the occasion by tipping other content creators.

If you have already used the Brave Browser tipping tool kudos to you! If you are not aware of how to use this amazing tool I recorded this quick video that will help you locate and use the tipping tool but will also help you find a list of non-profit organizations that accept BAT Token tips as verified Brave Publishers.

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Also, If you would like to earn your first BAT token rewards, Download the Brave Browser today using my Brave Browser referral linkand receive a little BAT bonus from BRAVE. Also know that by doing so you are supporting this channel with a small BAT tip provided by BRAVE at no cost to you.
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Airdrop - Cardonio (CDO)

Cardonio (CDO)

(ALERTA: Recebemos uma notificação de um usuário dizendo que esse airdrop possivelmente não é verdadeiro, nada para se preocupar no formulário mas caso você tenha participado tome cuidado com as communicações que você receber por email. Estou buscando mais informação sobre esse projeto em detalhes e qualquer noticia comigo a vocês, por enquanto recebi apenas um aviso mas é sempre bom passar para frente e alertar. Preferível não participar)

(English translation below)
1. Começar a telegram bot da Cardonio
2. Cadastrar no site
3. Completar Tarefas ( Telegram)
4. Compartilhar referência (opcional + 66 CDO)

Valor estimado: 200 CDO Valor estimado $300 Dólares

Airdrop Termina:  8 de Setembro mas cota pode esgotar antes somente 25 mil participantes


Se você gostaria de aprender mais sobre Airdrops assista esse vídeo

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English Translation: 

Cardonio (CDO)

ALERT: We received a notification from a user saying that this airdrop is possibly not real, nothing to worry about in the form but if you participated, be careful with the communications you receive  by emaill. I am looking for more information about this project in detail and any news I gather I will write in this warning. Prefer not to participate at least for now.

1. Start the Cardonio Telegram Bot
2. Register on the site
3. Complete Tasks ( Telegram )
4. Share your link the reference (optional + 66 CDO)

Estimated value:  200 CDO Estimated value $300 dollars

Airdrop Ends: September 9th 2018 (limit could deplete much sooner only 25.000 participants)

If you would like to learn more about Airdrops watch this video

For a list of exchanges where you can exchange the coins you received from airdrops see this page

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