Mastering Ethereum - Andreas Antopoulos call for translators

Today on Twitter, Andreas Antonopoulos called for multilingual volunteers to join forces and help translate Mastering Ethereum. Silly me, with very little time in my hands, could not help myself and volunteered to translate parts of the book to Portuguese. For me, the calling is so strong that I even started out with a splash, translating few sections in a role. Right after that I quickly got reminded by my husband that I should be planning and packing for our move. Yikes!

Despite the "crazyness" of my daily life, my goal is to dedicate 1 hour on a weekly basis towards translating Mastering Ethereum to Portuguese. I will most certainly share my part of the work with you guys here in the blog, to increase awareness. Hope that my effort can complement the collective. And as a result help book arrive in the hands of many Portuguese speakers sooner rather than later. 

If you would like to sign up and start translating in your language you can do so here: Mastering Ethereum Transla…

DENET - Avaliação do Projeto ICO da DENET (token) DNET Cripto moedas

Avaliação da moeda (token) DNET e da plataforma da DENET

Símbolo: DNET
Total de moedas: 1,000,000,000.00
Network: ER20 ETH

Campanha de Recompensa aberta até dia 15 de junho 2018 pelo site da Bountyhive
Link para interessados em participar: BOUNTY
Link Para site: Denet