My art recorded on the blockchain - The Multicultural Dance

I still remember the day I received the assignment for this project, over 15 years ago. The teacher asked me and all the students in my class to create an artist reproduction and adapt it. I choose "The Dance" by Henry Matisse, and adapted it with my multicultural perspective. A world in which we are all connected by the power of love and acceptance in a multicultural dance.
Early this year, on a trip to Brazil, I decided to photograph this oil painting and record it on the Creary blockchain among other pieces I created over the years. You can find my Art recorded on blockchain here.
To me there was nothing too special about this piece. The Multicultural dance was just a piece I painted during my art course... Until this moment, where my view of the world looks off, and we can not hold hands anymore.  A world in which borders are being shut and fear is growing among its population.  Now I realized the importance of this painting and how it is important to showcase how I percei…

O que significa airdrop? E como participar de um airdrop e receber cripto moedas?

Nesse video explico detalhes de como participar de um ICO airdrop e receber cripto moedas por completar tarefas nas redes sociais.

Quase todos os dias divulgo aqui no blog uma ótima seleção de airdrops. Faço questão de estudar o projeto de todos os airdrops que participo para aumentar as chances de obter FREE tokens. Sempre que possível coloco todas as informações necessárias e a link para a participação em cada airdrop post. Fique atentos pois alguns duram por pouco tempo ou esgotam muito rápido!