Fear is an affection

 Today I wanted to share a text written by my dear childhood friend and  psychologist /psychoanalyst Adriana Prosdocimi.  We will not be talking about Cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, we will rather try to connect with ourselves and understand our deep feelings of fear. A feeling or as she presented an affection that we all experience and that has certainly been exacerbated by the 2020 Pandemic. Here is a fresh  outlook! (Michelle M.) Be wary of your fears, they can point you in the direction of your dreams. We are afraid to be afraid. And it shouldn't be that way, because fear is a very useful feeling. It protects us, defends us from external and internal dangers, but also from the fulfillment of our dreams. But how? Fear sometimes protects us from doing what we want. As it is often difficult to know what you really want, we have to take advantage of the clues and fear is one of them. If fear causes anxiety in the face of a possibility of failure, in some way it tells us

Análise BITCOIN (BTC) X-Invest - 31 de maio 2018

Para quem faz trade de crypto moedas é sempre bom estar preparado para todos os scenários. A análise gráfica nos ajuda a encontrar patrões de repetição no mercado que são ótimos indicadores de como o mercado poderá reagir no futuro. Com sabedoria podemos no preparar para ganhar lucros em momentos de alta e de baixa. Aqui vai uma Análise quentinha do Bitcoin (BTC) feita pelo um time de especialistas da X-Invest.  

"Apoio X-invest Consultoria" - Consultoria, treinamentos e assessoria voltada ao mercado de cripto moedas. Missão: Fazer com que seu capital aumente de maneira rápida e eficaz, de forma que o seu dinheiro trabalhe para você.
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