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I was so excited to see that I was among the winners of Publish0x last writing contest and have scored some more crypto. $50 bucks worth of farm tokens came in handy, and I was very proud that they choose my picture for the announcement page as well. It truly means a lot to know that I am connecting with you in many levels and I sure hope that we can all continue to grow together in this incredible journey. For those who missed the chance to visit the actual article on Publish0x here it is: https://www.publish0x.com/mamaecrypto/binancefarmer-mainstream-decentralized-finance-xwqzedn Also know that when you become part of the Publish0x platform tips are completely free (They do not come out of of your pocket, 7 tips per day are provided to you by Publish0x) and a percentage of the tips go direct to you as a reader. It is a win win situation. Learn and Earn at the same time Referral Link:  https://www.publish0x.com?a=4oeElgld0B   Find exclusive Authors approved crypto and blockchain speci


ARTIST COLLECTION 2 - Dora Burnquist

ARTIST COLLECTION 1 - Michelle Mafra  MammyCrypto

Blow Your Pixel Mind 20 mints

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MamaPixel 10 mints

PixelStache 10 mints

PixelToshi Lite 10 mints

Andreas Pixeltonoupolos 20 mints

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7. Andreas Pixelponoupolos (1 of 10)
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5. PixelStache 1 (1 of 10)
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3. MamaPixel 1 (2 of 10)

2. MamaPixel 1 (1 of 10)

1. One

Art is Life... Life is art. On display my first NFT ever minted on Wax blockchain. A simple 32x32 Pixel Self Portrait Nicknamed MamaPixel. Grab Yours today. 10 pieces minted and eternalized on the WAX blockchain. I am in the process on verifying my account. Allow me few extra months to get it together but as posted on the blog it is super legit! All the info you need regarding all my sales and my only NFT account is mentioned above.

Bidding ended on Feb 17th 2021 Status: SOLD
nameMamaPixel 1 - Self Portrait 

Reserve YOURS. Special Portrait Requests Welcome



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