Trying Out the Odysee Video Platform - Backed by LBRY Decentralized

Hi everyone, and thank you for watching my introduction to Odysee a video platform. Odysee is a new content sharing platform backed by LBRY. It is very similar but with a bunch of new features.
 I must say that my first impression, coming into the Odysee platform, was great. I can see a lot of technical improvements from its original LBRY version! 
The design is colorful and fun and the videos load much faster. The Odysee platform also offers categories as well as other experience-enhancing features, such as the like "Fire" button that are easily noticeable at first glance. With that I expect overall community engagement to improve as well. Truly exciting. 
Also this is Intro to Odysee is my first video upload directly into the Odysee platform and I am pleased with the experience (same process as LBRY). Also happy that all my lbry content is already available on Odysee without me having to do any uploading work. A super plus.
For anyone looking to sign up for this new experienc…

Notícias: Parceria da Bittrex Exchange com Cryptofacil visa penetrar a Latina America e Caribe e trazer 200 Cripto moedas

A Bittrex Exchange (casa de câmbio) America anunciou nessa segunda feira dia 11 de Setembro a parceria com a plataforma da Cryptofacil. a parceria visa atingir o público da América Latina e Caribe e oferecerá mais de 200 opções de cripto moedas para troca.

No momento as duas casas de câmbio, Bittrex e Cryptofacil, estão aceitando o pré-cadastro de investidores interessados. De acordo com o CEO da Bittrex, Bill Sahara, a parceria vai disponibilizar uma grande quantidade de ativos cripto para investimento para os residentes da America Latina e Caribe e ele acredita que essa colaboração vai beneficiar a adoção mundial de cripto moedas.

Michelle Mafra

Fonte: Bittrex News

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